The Philoptochos Connection

The Philoptochos connection, woman holding phone in hands

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to have a huge emotional effect on ourselves, our parishes, and our communities, we want to help you find ways to cope, process and help others during this unprecedented time. To that end we have embraced the telephone! The Philoptochos Connection is where our members or community can "connect" with a Philoptochos Board Member.

When the call comes, Philoptochos answers with love and kindness!

How & When You Can Connect:

  • Call 1.800.520.0650 for a kind word, a laugh, a cry, the answer to your question, guidance, assistance or most importantly–a prayer.
  • Members will be "on duty" from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm in 2+ hour shifts throughout the day

If you have a question that we can't answer-we will find the answer for you and call you back as soon as we can!