District Commitments

Dear Direct Archdiocesan District Philoptochos Chapter Presidents,

I would like to thank you each for the many good works you have made possible in the past year and I look forward to the pleasure of working together in the NewYear 2016! As the DirectArchdiocesanDistrict Philoptochos, we strive always in meeting punctually our obligations. To assist in this aim, I have enclosed the DISTRICT COMMITMENT BOOKLET which should be given to your chapter Treasurer as soon as possible. I kindly request that you PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING 10% more this year than you did last year!

Click here to download the Coupon Booklet

  • Please keep in mind that the DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP is $8.00 per steward
    and should be sent no later than APRIL 30th
  • HELLENIC CULTURAL CENTER, Astoria, Queens by MARCH 31st
  • ST. MICHAEL'S HOME, Yonkers, New York by NOVEMBER 30th
  • DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP coupon for those members joining Philoptochos
  • after the initial membership/stewardship period, due NOVEMBER 30th

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine at the World Trade Center initiative is progressing wonderfully, thank you all of you that have fulfilled
100%!!!We are so proud of you! We are One Church and the destruction of Saint Nicholas Church and the devastation of the six (6) acre property in lower Manhattan on September 1, 2001, resonated throughout the entire country. The pain and sorrow belongs to all of us, as will the joy and hope Saint Nicholas will bring. Thank you for continuing the fundraising and collections of $100 per Philoptochos Steward through 2016, as many of you may know our District Philoptochos has well surpassed $100,000 for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine in 2015.

I humbly ask those of you who have not placed Saint Nicholas Initiative at the forefront of your agenda over the past year, to do so now. Do not delay. The funds must be raised by our joint efforts. We must work together as sisters and not allow others to carry our responsibility to do what is right. Each chapter must do its part. Please plan for the fulfillment of your faithful commitment to the building of Saint Nicholas by expensing the funds in your 2016 Budgets.

Please be sure that all checks are

Payable to: DAD Philoptochos and Mailed to our Treasurer;

Bia George

870 United Nations Plaza Apt. #23C

New York, New York 10017